Janis Joplin was Driving Force Behind Women’s Liberation

Janis Outside StoreI want to pay tribute to an amazing singer; as well as a path-breaking woman. I am going to provide you with insights, information and inspiration from the life and creative legacy of Janis Joplin. In many respects, she will be remembered as a public pioneer in the women’s movement. Her story is a case study of the hippie counterculture.  I hope that you will enjoy this analysis ofand tribute to one of my main spirit guides (along with Jimi Hendrix , John Lennon, and Jim Morrison.)   Her spirit is more alive today then she was at the time of her death. BTW – although she died directly from an accidental overdose of extremely pure heroin; it really was alcohol that killed her (as it did Jim Morrison.)  Be sure and listen to her music and learn her lessons.  Janis would have recently turned 70 if she had lived.  Happy Birthday Janis!!

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Jimi Hendrix Showed Us How to Change Ourselves and Society

Jimi Hendrix was an amazing guitar player, but he also had much to teach us about how to change our own lives and society.  His legacy includes an open embrace of the great potential within our minds to achieve higher levels of consciousness.  He was a fearless spiritual adventurer – boldly going where no man had yet gone.  His lyrics and life provide valuable insights into the nature of the sixties counterculture.  For many of us, Jimi Hendrix was truly the “High Priest of Rock and Roll.”   He also was the first multi-ethnic person to become famous.  This article includes excerpts from the best articles about Jimi; as well as lots of quotes, pix, and lyrics.   So for now, as Jimi would say: “Excuse me while I kiss the sky!!”

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Jim Morrison Urged Us to “Break on Through to the Other Side”

NEW Cosmic MorrisonDuring his short life, Jim Morrison of the Doors was a role model to men and sex symbol for women.  In this article you will learn about the man, music and messages associated with one of the best Rock bands and political provocateurs we have witnessed. His life was filled with creativity and chaos; along with conflicts and contradictions.   Here you will find a carefully selected set of articles, pix, quotes, lyrics and more.  I hope you will find lessons here and buy some of the MP3 files that are available from the live performances!!  I have had a long random play list going!!  It includes the awesome 2000 Tribute CD entitled “Stoned Immaculate.” 

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Mickey Hart Accelerates Next Stage in Music’s Evolution

Throughout a career spanning over 50 years, Mickey Hart has been an innovative and inspirational leader in musical research and performance.   Known as “The Rhythm Devils,” Mickey and Bill Kreutzman were the driving force behind The Grateful Dead – particularly during their extended jam experiences.  It is only fitting that Mickey’s latest venture – Mysterium Tremendum – is ground-breaking and entertaining at the same time.  Mickey and his band weave together a host of musical styles and influences, including world music, electronic wizardry, hippie rock, and psychedelic trance.

In this article I will personally review Mickey’s latest CD project.  I will include selected lyrics – written by Dead lyricist, Robert Hunter.  After that I will summarize some other CD reviews, as well as reviews of the band’s live performances.    I have abstracted  some recent interviews with Mickey and several band members – bassist Dave Schools and producer/keyboardist Ben Yonas.  After that you can read about some of Mickey’s innovative, interdisciplinary research projects, as well as some of the awards he has received.  He is truly an interdisciplinary musical scholar who has written some really fine books.

Click Below to learn “all you need to know” about Mickey Hart’s life-long and continuing contributions to the evolution of music (and society.)

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Brian Jones Built Bridges between the Blues and Rock

Brian Jones served as a bridge between southside Chicago Blues and the young, white audience for Rock and Roll. He founded the Rolling Stones, along with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.  Their original niche was to play fairly faithful covers of classic blues songs by Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, and other black blues masters from Chicago.  He was the most musically talented member of the Rolling Stones – being able to play many different instruments. Click below for the most complete tribute to Brian on the Web!

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John Lennon Helped Us Imagine that “All We Need is Love”

John Lennon’s life and legacy has much to teach us about how and why we need to build a better society – based on love and freedom.  John would have been 70 this year (born October 9, 1940) – but was killed three decades ago (December 8, 1980). We now need to understand his music and messages more than ever.  His messages fit perfectly with some of the other social leaders profiles on this site. Click below for the most creative and complete tribute to John on the web!

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The Blues Gave Birth to Rock and Roll

Muddy WatersHistorians and musicians are clear – the Blues had a direct and significant influence of what has come to be called “Rock and Roll.”  As the father of modern electric blues Muddy Waters proudly stated that “The Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock And Roll.”  As I wrote elsewhere, Brian Jones and the Rolling Stones were major interpreters of the Chicago blues (as were other British rockers including: Eric Clapton, John Mayall, Eric Burton, and others.)  This article examines the origins and impacts of the great music we call “The Blues.”  The roots of blues extend back to Africa and found their expression through slaves working the southern plantations for centuries.  After World War II, many musicians headed north to Chicago (as well as Detroit, St. Louis, and Memphis); while others went south to New Orleans.

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